Life Style Weekly Horoscope 01 to November 2021: Taurus, Libra and Pisces may suffer loss

Weekly Horoscope 01 to November 2021: Taurus, Libra and Pisces may suffer loss

Weekly Horoscope, Rashifal, Horoscope November 2021: On 1 November 2021, the new week is starting from the date of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This week is special from the point of view of planetary movements. The festival of Diwali will be celebrated this week i.e. on November 4. Religious point of view This week is special. How will this week be for the people from Aries to Pisces, let’s know, the weekly horoscope of all the zodiac signs-

Sheep- This week the rapport with the partner will be good, it is advisable to walk in the office especially with colleagues. You will see a lot more busy than others in preparing for the festival. The pace of official work can go on at a slow pace. Time is good for retail traders. Those who are preparing for any kind of competition, the week will be important for them, during this time there will be more chances of success. Regular exercise should be the main agenda so that the ill effects of the planets giving back pain in health do not affect you. After the 5th, there is a possibility of deterioration in coordination with the spouse or there may be a decline in their health.

Taurus- This week you will have to be around knowledge, it will be good for you to do satsang and stay in the shelter of the guru. Must read good books. It is time to make profit related to insurance sector or any other type of commission. Employed people will be successful in going abroad. Starting of the week will be good in business matters. From the point of view of health, you can get irritated about small things, so keeping your mind happy, you must do Pranayama in the morning, on the other hand, you have to be aware of diseases related to blood. Deteriorated relations with family members will have to be sweetened. While serving grandparents, their blessings must be taken. This Diwali one has to stay away from unnecessary expenses.

Gemini- This week, more time may have to be given in religious activities, if worship is missed, then you can start again from Deepawali. Do not share the important things of the office, on the other hand, you will get the support of the boss. Avoid violating the rules of the business class government, keep communication active with big customers. Real estate businessmen seem to be getting profits. This time the youth should focus in artistic work, so do not increase the burden on the mind. It is advisable to stay away from fire accidents from the point of view of health. One should spend more time with children, this Diwali must give their favorite gift. There are possibilities of advancement of life partner.

Cancer- This week should spend more time with the family, on the other hand, those living outside the city should also plan to return home. People trying to take a loan can get good news soon. If you focus on the network, then this time you will be able to take advantage of it. There will be a boom in people working in the loan sector. Businessmen who want to start a new business with the old business, they must take the opinion of the seniors once. Students should not spare any effort during the examination. Heart patients are especially advised to be careful. If the health of the father is not good, then the responsibility of taking care of him should be taken.

Lion- This week, on an auspicious occasion like Deepawali, meet all the people, and activate the social network, if possible you can also give gifts to the little ones. Something new should be planned to improve professional life, while the pace of work going on since the last few days seems to be decreasing by the end of the week. People doing business of foreign products should be aware, good deals can be got from the company. At present, you will be worried about high acidity regarding health, so take care of your hands as well, you can get injured. If there is a deterioration in the health of the mother, then be alert. Friends can expect financial help from you.

Virgo- Relationship and financial situation will be pleasant in the form of profit this week. Time for job change is going on but you should wait till you get a good offer. After the 05th, there will be restraint on speech. Traders who were losing business due to any reason will make profits. You will be able to earn good profit in the business of gold and silver. Students who are preparing to go abroad should not give up. If you have problems related to liver in health, then do not be careless at all and if possible, do a routine checkup once. There will be an increase in the amenities of the house, if you want to take electronic goods, then you can take this Dhanteras.

Libra- A good change will be seen in personality this week, while on the other hand some anger-like situations can also come to the fore. Unnecessary expenditure on the occasion of festival can lead to financial crisis in future. Official workload will be more, do not let negative thoughts come in your mind about it. Those doing business related to the stock market should not be negligent in legal matters. The youth should not leave any stone unturned in hard work, but laziness can create some obstacles. Students will get good success in higher education. Do not take eye diseases lightly regarding health, if there is a problem, it should be checked immediately. You can be worried about the future of the child.

Scorpio- Your gentle behavior and sweet speech towards others will strengthen relationships this week. Time is going well for getting a vehicle, you can take this Dhanteras. People associated with the salaried people will have to show speed in the beginning of the week, while remaining active. People associated with the media will look very busy. There will be an increase in the business of travel and hotel, on the other hand, keep your service better. Students who have given competitive exams can get success. If you were troubled by diseases related to nerves, then now you will get relief in it. Do not be careless in the sugar patient diet. To maintain family happiness, you have to take care of everyone’s needs.

Sagittarius- One should be prepared for big investments this week, while there is also a possibility of sudden changes in economic conditions. There is a possibility of getting a good bonus or promotion letter from the company this Diwali. Those doing business of stationery will make good profit at the end of the week. Getting ready to go in the IT sector, youth should not hold back from hard work, work hard as well. Due to health, there is a possibility of any organ fracture during chronic diseases, infection or accident, in such a situation, be very careful. Friends will be the primary aides in helping. Doing the duty of being a good child, keep the parents happy, especially give gifts to the mother on the occasion of Diwali.

Capricorn- This week, one will have to stay away from ego and anger, after the middle of the week, there can be more work in the work, in such a situation, if you complete the work while remaining calm, then you will definitely get promotion. You may have to make an official trip, you will get the support of the boss. Traders of things related to home decor and home appliance will get good profits. Problems of head and ear pain can come in health, be more alert during fireworks. There is a possibility of dispute with family members, in such a situation the relationship should be kept strong. Give this Diwali gift to the little ones of the house.

Aquarius- Confidence will increase this week, as well as time spent with your loved ones will keep you energetic. This Diwali, the needy person’s house should also be brightened and they should be helped financially. Whether at home or outside the official hustle and bustle will be more, so do not worry if you have to travel. Will be able to do complex tasks with ease. Those who do business of plastic related things, be ready, this week can go by giving you good profits. The student is facing problems related to studies, so this time he should take a break from it and take rest. Women in health have to be aware of the problems related to hormones. The week is going well for repairing the house.

Pisces- This week it will be very useful to learn new technology, the week is going to be positive for people engaged in research work. You can also do courses for promotion or new job etc. Traders who do business of goods or clothes related to marriage will make good profits. The youth should not spend any mind on how to work without hard work. Take special care of the stomach from the point of view of health, especially eating light and digestible food will be beneficial. If you stay away from the family in connection with the job, then celebrate this Diwali with the family. Full possibilities of getting benefits from ancestral property are visible.

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