Life Style Weekly Horoscope 18 to 24 October: These four zodiac signs have to pay attention to money and health, know horoscope

Weekly Horoscope 18 to 24 October: These four zodiac signs have to pay attention to money and health, know horoscope

Weekly Horoscope, Rashifal, Horoscope October 2021: On October 18, a new week is starting from the Trayodashi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. This week is special from the point of view of planetary movements. How will the new week be for the people from Aries to Pisces, let’s know, the weekly horoscope from Aries to Pisces-

  • Sheep- In the beginning of this week, keep a close watch on the expenses, so while using the credit card, plan its payment beforehand. In the middle of the week, you have to speak in harmony, during anger, there should be silence. Dedication and management in work will be very good, as well as there will be a chance to be in the company of high officials and seniors. Those who do business of electronic goods will get good profits, they will have to keep them from the customers in the business related to iron. If you consume nutritious foods regarding health, then skin diseases can be active this time. Family members will get support. There may be a decline in the health of the sister.
  • Taurus- This week, while investing has to be done consciously, on the other hand, one should avoid taking decisions under the guise of others. It’s time to keep yourself up to date. All the work should be done according to the plan, so that along with the work, you will be able to give time to yourself. Special care should be taken that the official work is completed on time, whether that work is small or big. In the office, there is a possibility that the tuning will be disturbed by the female colleagues, while the businessmen will have to make up with female customers. From the point of view of health, it is advised to be alert towards mental tension and diseases, in such a situation, wake up early in the morning and do yoga and meditation. Spouse can get a good start in career.
  • Gemini- This week your inclination will be seen moving towards amenities and on the other hand you will also be able to manage the work very well. As the week nears the end, the level of confidence will increase. Negligence in the field of livelihood can land in trouble, so if you are involved in legal work, then do the work with caution. If the business is going on in partnership, then the conditions are going to be good during this time, but keep in mind that there should be no conflict between the two. Do not waste time, but focus on important work and move towards a bright future. If you have stomach problem then be very careful. If there is a dispute about property, then stay calm.
  • Cancer- At the beginning of this week, you will be able to get rid of past problems, on the other hand, the support of work can add to the career. There is also a possibility of getting promotion in the workplace by 19th. People related to the finance sector should be a little careful, do not make big investments looking for profit. To increase the business related to food and stationery, it will be beneficial to do publicity. Students and youth should avoid spending too much time on social media. If there is frequent pain in the ear, then check with the doctor once. From 23 onwards, advise the elder brother to be aware of the association. Be careful in the maintenance of home appliances. Overall growth is expected.
  • Lion- This week will be good for you, where public relations will increase on one hand, on the other hand service will have to increase from 23. If you are associated with art, then do not let your performance decrease. Do not let the opportunities in the field of livelihood go away. Official travel will prove beneficial from the end of the week. Time is also good for change of job. Those doing business of import export will get benefit, stay away from legal matters after 21. Invest wisely in parental business, especially in the middle of the week. Take care of health, fever can bother some. There will be opportunities to buy vehicles or household items, you can make changes in the interior of the house.
  • Virgo- Confidence should be a bit low this week but there is no need to worry, work will go on getting done with the guidance of seniors from time to time. People related to career will have to maintain focus in work, on the other hand, contact with foreign companies should also be done. Those doing business of food and drink will get profits, but after the 20th, prepare the products according to the customers. In health, there may be pain in the head due to irritation in the eyes and insomnia, in such a situation give importance to rest. The part below the waist will be affected. There is a full possibility of getting benefits from father and maternal side.
  • Libra- Looking at the position of the planets this week, full attention has to be focused in the field of work, because the positive energy of the planets can give better results in this direction. People associated with engineering career will get good opportunities, then there can be a chance to travel abroad after the end of the week. Secret enemies may try to influence the business, this time you will have to stop for good gains in business. If the ear patient is suffering, then consult a doctor. Migraine patients can also be troubled after 22. Do not give air to domestic tensions, otherwise it will not take long for the situation to worsen. There are full possibilities of increase in wealth.
  • Scorpio- You have to take rest this week, but becoming unnecessary laziness can spoil the work. If you are interested in music, craft, dance then give importance to your interest at this time. Do not invest in the present looking into the future. People working in government department can get promotion with transfer. Big clients will be found in the work of finance. The business class should avoid choosing the wrong path to get the big deal. The week will be suitable for those who do beauty treatments. If you are thinking of surgery this time, then be alert. Good information will be received from the in-laws’ side. The needy woman should be helped, as well as it would be good if she could arrange for food.
  • Sagittarius- If respect is to be increased this week, then an important role may have to be played in family matters, in such a situation, we should maintain coordination. Be alert about official politics. There will be a feeling of happiness on the successful completion of the work. It is time to do work in business in a good way, conditions will be beneficial after 20 in business related to land. Those doing business in partnership will get the cooperation of the partner. There will be a boom in foreign trade now. It is advisable to be alert for chronic and water-related diseases, diabetic patients should be alert in the middle of the week. There may be ideological differences with father and father equal. The paths for the progress of the children are being seen.
  • Capricorn- Responsibilities can again fall on your shoulders this week, while on the other hand legal bets have to be avoided. While there will be challenges regarding work in another office, on the other hand there may be disputes with loved ones over unnecessary things. Pay attention to the fact that there is no conflict of ego with others over small matters. There will be profit in government related and contracting business. Make new partnerships wisely. Looking at the positions of the planets, it is advised to stay fit and active, as well as unnecessary worry will also weaken the immune system. Be alert about the valuables of the house. The relationship of marriageable people can be fixed.
  • Aquarius- This week, karma is the key to worship and success, defocusing from all sides, you will have to practice your goal. Many responsibilities will have to be performed in the office, as well as planning will make the work worse. Those who work in finance companies, their goals will be fulfilled. There will be speed in the business of those who do business of clothes, which will improve the economic situation. The youth will be excited about the progress of themselves and their friends. Be on special alert regarding health, if you are already ill then you have to be alert. Attention should be paid to children and young children, their behavior will be closely monitored. Ignore small things living in a joint family.
  • Pisces- Confidence will be good this week, but it has to be maintained till the end of the week, the movement of planets can make the situation somewhat harsh. Being alert will give success in work. In the office, the rules have to be followed while not ignoring the words of the boss. Business people will be able to take less time for social work, so choose other means of contact with close people. If the blood pressure remains high then special care has to be taken. Respect your parents at home, their blessings will be very beneficial for you. If you get an opportunity to help in Manglik work this week, you should definitely do it. At the end of the week, there may be a decline in the health of the mother.

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