Life Style Weekly Horoscope: Be careful with Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn, know weekly horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope: Be careful with Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn, know weekly horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs

Horoscope According to the Almanac, the new week starts on February 22. This day is the tenth date of Magh Shukla. The transit of Mars occurring this week is affecting all zodiac signs. This week is special for all the 12 zodiac signs. Know the weekly horoscope-

Weekly Horoscope

Aries- This week talent will need to be showcased, so it will not be fair to underestimate oneself. Focus will also have to be maintained on speech till the end of the week. If you are getting a job offer from abroad, do not lose it in a lot of thinking. Be ready for big business of stationery profits. If there is a situation of some dispute in the transaction of the book of account, then there is benefit in retreating two steps. If the students try, then they will be able to get good numbers in the study, using the tips given by the teachers will give better results. The problem of teeth will cause trouble. It would be better to leave some decisions about family to senior people.

Taurus This week, the difference between the work of Confidence and Over Confidence both in social life and workplace has to be well understood. After the middle of the week, speech can hurt the close ones, so keep the feeling of love with everyone as much as possible. With confidence in the partner and business, keep the money transactions very clean otherwise the partnership will not last long. Those going to the military department are likely to get good opportunities, so do not let any kind of deficiency in your preparation. Be aware of blood related disorders. Brothers younger or older should maintain contact with them. Their opinion on any business related issue will be beneficial for you.

Gemini- This week, the strength of yourself and your partner and network will lead you to success. There is a need to increase interaction with people by the end of the week. People associated with banking sector will get good profits but doing any illegal work can be harmful. Clothing businessmen are advised not to dump goods. After the middle of the week, youth need to pay attention to consistency. Good ideas and good people will be beneficial. Do not drive the vehicle at high speed due to health, planetary conditions are in the interest of causing a big accident. Father will get progress in business or job, promotion or can be transferred to any place of interest.

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Cancer- This week update yourself to the field to get success. The week will be full of success for the working people. On the 24th, 25th 26th do not speak ego to anyone else, otherwise the work will be spoiled. Those doing the business of medicine will also be in very good profit, but keep the legal rules fulfilled with all the standards. Experiments of students preparing for engineering will be successful. The youth will also be happy with the success of the children. There is a possibility of blood infection, by the end of the week, people suffering from serious diseases may get worse. If there is a marriageable person in the family, then their relationship can be confirmed.

Lion- From the beginning of this week, you will be full of energy and positive thinking. After 26 February, you will be mentally strong and its effect will also be seen on your functioning. Support others in the office, but it is better not to have unnecessary expectations from colleagues, then official conspiracies can also cause your problems. Avoid handing over the responsibility to someone less trustworthy. Owners of hotels, restaurants and guest houses will be able to make very good profit. There can be urine infection and stomach irritation. If the problem persists for more than three days, contact the doctor. Spouse will get support, but advise them to keep restraint in anger.

Virgo This week, both karma and luck are weak, so keep both the mind in focus, it will definitely benefit. If there is any kind of confusion or upset in your mind, then go to the Devi temple for darshan. People associated with telecommunications have to keep updated in their work. Traders who want to apply for loan should speed up efforts by the end of the week. If you wear glasses, then do a routine checkup this week and seek the advice of a doctor. Help the elders in the family and the fathers must do Diabati at dusk. If you are going to take decisions related to love marriage, then it will be beneficial to stay for some time.

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Libra- This week you will have to gather yourself to complete important tasks. Expecting help from others will only lead to disappointment. Do not let the battle of laziness take place in the mind. In the middle of the week, it is very important to keep yourself agile and active for officer tasks. Be prepared for the business benefits of milk and cereals. Do not let the stock and goods fall short. Students and youth will have to maintain more focus in their work. Heart patients should take regular medication and exercise with the advice of a doctor. The family is going to live around. Relatives and friends will visit. Small members will have to guide and cooperate in the house.

Scorpio If you are troubled by anything, then worship God. The recitation of Bhagavad Gita will also give peace to the mind. The week is very suitable for completing government work. After 24th, if you are fully active for official work, then the coming week will also be good. Those who do plastic business will get good benefits and will be happy. Sudden decline in health and fatigue will make one feel weak, to get relief from this, being happy is the only way, while at the same time keep using the food and medicines necessary to increase immunity. Take effective steps to decorate the house. Changing the interior can also be a better option.

Sagittarius If any of your important work could not be completed last week, then this time the planetary conditions are showing in your favorite. Keep in mind that you do not have to take any loan this week. If you want to change jobs, then give importance to the post rather than the package. It will be beneficial to make large investments in business, but the advice of seniors will be worthwhile. Keep youth in contact with seniors and students and teachers. If there is unknown fear in your mind then try to overcome it. To stay healthy, include morning walk and regular yoga in the routine. Religious programs will be held at home, the economic situation is also looking strong.

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Capricorn- Keep yourself mentally light this week, it is not right to show extreme severity. Worship Hanuman ji in difficult times. It will also be beneficial to read Sundarkand on Tuesday and Saturday. The pressure of work seems to be decreasing. Those who take charge of transport may feel frustrated, but iron traders make good profit. Students should resort to technology to update. Do not be negligent while working on a serious matter. Pregnant women should be aware about health. The health of the child is feared. By the weekend, the health of the mother will also decline. Avoid giving a meaningless opinion on a disputed family issue.

Aquarius This week will have to be with discipline and moderation. Get up early in the morning and tackle important tasks with complete planning. Do not be negligent about the job, otherwise you may have to face transfer or termination. Work more consciously in the early days of the week. In business matters you will make fast profit, but be cautious about the transaction. The youth preparing to study abroad will get good opportunities. Headache and migraine patients may be troubled in health, but eat medicines with the advice of a doctor. Make all the necessary arrangements to avoid a fire accident at home. Elderly people are prone to injury, so they should also be alert.

Pisces This week will maintain a profit for you. If high officials and colleagues use harsh language from you, do not react angrily. Do not let promotion and complacency turn into ego. Those who do management related jobs have to perform well otherwise the boss may get angry. If you are going to do any big deal in business, then keep the government documents firm. In the beginning of the week on health, minor diseases will cause problems, then there will be positive changes in the situation from the middle to the end. Advise elder brother to be alert about consistency. Keep away from intoxication or any kind of addiction. Life partner is likely to get promotion.

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