Life Style Weight gain is also a big challenge, drink this juice daily to get fat

Weight gain is also a big challenge, drink this juice daily to get fat

Nowadays most of the people are becoming victims of obesity. However, there are many people who are worried because of their thinness. No matter how hard you try, eat anything, but it does not take the name of weight gain. The confidence level of people who lose more weight than necessary also decreases. Both the immunity and body of such people start getting weak. In such a situation, it is very important to keep the weight under control according to your height and age. In such a situation, if you want to gain weight, then instead of medicines and supplements, increase your weight by eating healthy and diet. You should include certain fruit juices and shakes in your diet to gain weight. Know which are the fruits whose drinking juice helps in increasing weight.

1- Banana juice- Banana helps a lot in gaining weight. Lean people are advised to eat bananas. If you eat banana with milk, then in a few days your body will start seeing a difference. Drink banana shake daily. Shake made with milk and banana is tasty and healthy. Bananas are high in calories and provide full nutrition to the body.

2- Mango juice- Drinking mango juice also increases weight. You can make mango shake and drink it by mixing mango and milk. Apart from this, mixing pineapple with mango can make juice and drink it. This juice leads to rapid weight gain. Mango and Pineapple are both high calorie fruits. Vitamin C is found in both. You must try this juice to gain weight.

3- Avocado juice- Avocado is a good fruit for weight gain. You must definitely include it in your diet. If you drink avocado juice daily, then your weight will start increasing in a few days. Avocado is high in calories and contains natural fat, which helps in increasing weight.

4- Chikoo juice- Chikoo is a very beneficial fruit for health. Especially for those people who want to gain weight. Chikoo is a very sweet and calorie rich fruit. To gain weight, you can mix milk and chikoo and drink it after making a shake. Carbohydrate, protein, iron and vitamin A are found in chikoo.

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