Infotech Welcome to the era of selfie drones

Welcome to the era of selfie drones

The heat wave, the swarms of locusts… There are scourges against which it is unfortunately difficult to fight. But there is also the selfie stick. You thought she was buried? Think again, this summer is making a comeback. And even if it has been banned from many tourist places (from Disneyland to the Château de Versailles), it is still just as popular among fans of the photo taken from above, duckface as an option. And the many deaths in search of the best shot have not changed anything. This totally unsightly object has its followers. And even, today, an heir.

It was popular, where there is a market to be taken, technology rushes in to “disrupt” it. And in this case, Snap engineers had a blast inventing Nais Pixy, a yellow mini-drone designed to take photos completely autonomously.

The sequel after the ad

“We wondered what a Tinker Bell would look like taking selfies”we summarize at Snap, the company behind the Snapchat social network.

The image is poetic. But concretely, how does the flying object work and is it better to use than an ordinary extendable pole? On the ease of use, nothing to say: just put it in your hand, facing you, and press its single button, so that it springs into the air to capture its ” master “. And if the latter moves, Pixy tracks it using facial recognition technology.

We agree, the concept has something scary, especially for those who were already uncomfortable with the previous accessory developed by Snap, sunglasses with integrated camera. But let’s not forget that we are targeting the irrational selfie lover here. With one click, Pixy is able to take burst or video portraits of less than a minute. Pure happiness…

Impossible to remain discreet

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Better, depending on the mode selected via a wheel on its back, the drone will choose to remain stationary, step back, turn around its owner, or follow him in his movements. Before finally coming down to land in his hand.

We may joke about it, but you should know that this is the first “flying camera” of its kind, in the sense that the previous drones had to be piloted. There, without doing anything, it is possible to have a nice rendering. The “revelation” mode, where the device takes off at 4.5 meters high, allows the background to be revealed suddenly, in a successful cinematographic effect. The 360° mode allows him to capture a fun sequence, for example turning around a small group at a dance party.

The sequel after the ad

It remains to be seen whether Pixy will be able to replace the selfie stick this summer? Not sure. Because, in practice, the small device has some limitations. First, like any drone, it is noisy. Impossible to discreetly take a selfie: everyone turns around to see what you are doing, with this little yellow device that could capture their privacy. Not to the best effect…

Pixy does not tolerate water or wind

Snap’s Pixy mini drone

Another limit: the device does not tolerate water, nor the slightest gust of wind. Better to take it out in good weather. And again, the slightest zephyr risks making it rock. Also, sometimes you have to do it several times. Note in passing that several areas prohibit the use of drones, including the Pixy, which still limits their use (this is the case, for example, of the entire city of Paris).

Finally, the last limit, technical this time: its camera turns out to be of modest quality, and captures dark scenes or scenes with high contrast quite poorly. The rendering is better with a state-of-the-art smartphone. The only advantage of the drone is then its point of view, potentially in height.

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To sum up, not everything is to be thrown away in the Pixy initiative. Already because it is a first. Then, because all the selfies thus made are then imported with a touch into Snapchat, to be modified at will with the funny filters and stickers that are the trademark of the application. In short, there’s no need to rely on this “flying camera” to capture your wedding party in an original way – moreover the battery only lasts 5 to 8 captures – but it will allow a group of teenagers to have some fun. weather on a beautiful afternoon. A distraction at 250 euros all the same… Besides, the selfie stick appears very low tech, and much cheaper, in this period of price increases.

The sequel after the ad

Pixy from Snap: 132 mm x 106 mm x 18 mm, 101 g, 12 megapixel camera, 2.7 k video, autonomy 5 to 8 flights, storage 16 GB, 249.99 euros. More info on

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