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What if the Arabs won in 67?

A wish that I wish was fulfilled; But did the colonial powers allow this!?

What for us and the forces of colonialism and arrogance? Most of the Arab countries were liberated before the catastrophe of June 5, 1967 AD. Only what was known as the southern part of Yemen remained under foreign occupation, and what was known only as the sheikhdoms of the Arabian Gulf.

In the sense that colonialism was forced to leave the Arab world by means of jihad and struggle, and did not leave voluntarily or favorably, while every Arab country fought its struggles with its sons, so how if all Arabs were united?

June 5, 67 is the day the Zionist entity waged war on the Arabs; Attacking simultaneously Egypt, Syria and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The outcome of the war was painful, and very painful, it was a war that some of them called the Six-Day War; But the Arabs lost large areas of Arab land in Egypt, Syria and Palestine.

Because of that bitter defeat, the Zionist entity proceeded with broad colonial support, and in all military, political, diplomatic, media and economic fields, even the use of the veto almost entirely, if not all, to object to any condemnation or drop any decision that does justice to the Palestinian people.

It is true that Western support was wide for the Zionist entity, but the war proved that the Arabs did not have the preparation and preparation for war, as much as the confrontation countries led a fierce media war, but in reality it was nothing but mere talk..!!

the three confrontation states; It did not take its full preparedness for confrontation, and it is sufficient for the reader to know that the chief of staff of the most important Arab armies said in his memoirs, that they went to war, and had no plan of attack, and no plan of defense. On the other hand, the media war was at its highest level.

As for the Arab countries other than the confrontation countries, some of them supported the confrontation countries, and to a limited extent, and among them were the spectators, whether because their capabilities are weak, or because of the bad interrelationships between them and the confrontation countries, which is absolutely unacceptable, in the strategic issues that concern All Arabs are supposed to be fully prepared and prepared, and the unity of the Arab class should be at the level of the strategic goal without giving any value to the secondary side disputes. It is widespread in the Arab system to this day.

It is no secret to the Arab man of the street, as well as to his elites, that Yemen is facing the obscurantist project of the Iranian-backed Houthi priesthood; He finds suffering from the mentality of the practice of healing, which Yemen suffers from by claiming to be vexed by a third party..!!

If the Arabs had won the June 1967 war, or if the June setback had not occurred, a setback… as the media of the Arab regime called it at the time, the Arabs today would have another matter, other than this deteriorating matter, and the Zionist entity would not have – even assuming that it has not vanished forever This is arrogance, and this ugly arrogance.

And not only curtailing the Zionist entity, but even curtailing the Iranian presence, which are the two sworn projects of the Arabs; After finding a void in a sprawling homeland devoid of goals, the miserable intercalculations mentalities dwarfed it.

It is unfortunate that the Arab regime in its confrontation with the Zionist entity in June 67 AD. He was preparing for the Zionist entity the reasons and factors for victory with his mental idiocy that favored entering into side battles, and was unable to manage or lead a strategic Arab battle.

Did the Arabs today, 55 years after the June setback, realize their unchanged reality, and did they realize that they need a united, united row, just as they need goals that rise to the level of the ambition of the Arab people? Or are they still inheriting the mentalities of hypocrisy and dustiness!?


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