Infotech What if we shared a vacuum cleaner with our neighbors rather than buying one?

What if we shared a vacuum cleaner with our neighbors rather than buying one?

Amazon in Monoprix, Vinted in Casinos… You must have noticed, the “lockers”, these lockers that allow us to collect our purchases online, are gaining ground in stores, stations, car parks. New totems of digitalized consumption in the 21st centurye century, they allow us to satisfy our material whims in any place, at any time. But there is another type of locker, which you probably haven’t noticed since they are still very rare. Their ambition, much more virtuous than the others, consists in providing the inhabitants of a building with a selection of everyday equipment – ​​vacuum cleaner, mini oven, blender, rice cooker, printer, and why not one day sport, gardening or DIY… – with a view to pooling their use.

The principle: we reserve the device on an application, we recover it with a bar code, we use it, we put it back in its locker after use and that’s it. For a bearable price: count 1 euro per hour for almost all the objects, 1.50 euro per hour for nuggets such as the video projector and the juice extractor. Daily rates, currently being developed, should be around 5 euros, and unlimited subscriptions, between 10 and 15 euros per month.

For the time being, 77 lockers have been installed since February 2021, in four student residences in Lyon. Behind, Yann Lemoine, 35, and his nascent start-up, Les Biens en Comm

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