Infotech What is the “employee dividend” promised by Emmanuel Macron?

What is the “employee dividend” promised by Emmanuel Macron?

If Emmanuel Macron’s program appears light in new measures for purchasing power, he insisted during the debate between the two rounds on a promise that has gone relatively unnoticed so far: the “employee dividend”. On this point, his booklet is however brief:

Must have a profit-sharing scheme in companies that pay dividends. »

To understand what it is, we have to go back to the inspiration behind this measure, Thibault Lanxade, boss of a Mayenne printer who has become the world leader in digital patents, and since 2019 profit-sharing and profit-sharing ambassador » for the Ministry of Economy. After a very official report on the subject, this former vice-president of Medef published a whole manifesto last October to promote the idea of ​​an “employee dividend”, promoted as better sharing of growth within the company for employees ». Thibault Lanxade explains to us:

The sequel after the ad

Traveling to the Somme, Le Pen believes he has “every chance of winning”The objective is simple: it is necessary to develop the participation in the companies, that is to say the remuneration of the employees according to the results. By simplifying procedures and taxation, the idea would be to oblige companies from 11 employees to donate a percentage of their net income if they also want to be able to pay a dividend to shareholders. »

This is a way to make participation compulsory in a large number of companies – today, it is only from 50 employees –, and to reconcile the French with the success of companies. hexagonal, leaving the recurring denunciation of dividends paid to shareholders. The concept was emulated during the campaign, especially at Valérie Pécresse, before Emmanuel Macron appropriated it.

“Employees must also receive something”

If the president candidate has kept the name of “employee dividend”, he has reviewed the form, which will not necessarily be the payment of a participation. Indeed, he prefers to promote his “purchasing power” bonus, an exceptional bonus exempt from taxes and charges, reserved for those who earn less than 4,768 euros per month, which he intends to raise the maximum to 6,000 euros. Last year, 4 million French people received this “Macron bonus”, for an average amount of 506 euros.

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This time, the bonus will not only be an incentive, but mandatory for any company that wishes to pay dividends to its shareholders. “ When a company is doing well, it pays dividends to its shareholders, and that’s normalexplained Emmanuel Macron on France-Bleu Normandie. But when there is a good income, employees must also receive something. » And to decide:

When the shareholders enrich themselves because the activity is good, in a mandatory way, the boss will have to pay either a profit-sharing or participation or this bonus of purchasing power. »

If the methods and companies concerned are not specified, the arrival of this adaptation of the “employee dividend” can shake up the social pact in companies, allowing in some to anticipate the payment of a thirteenth or a fourteenth month. Remember, however, that who says premium “without contribution”, says less unemployment and pension rights. And, as Marine Le Pen pointed out to Emmanuel Macron during the debate, when taking out a bank loan or signing a rental lease, it is the fixed salary that is studied.

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