Infotech What would the “employee dividend” look like?

What would the “employee dividend” look like?

For the government, and in particular for Bruno Le Maire, in terms of catching up on purchasing power in the face of inflation, things are clear and simple: an annual salary increase at the level of the rise in prices, i.e. + 7 around 8%, would be harmful for companies and for the economy in general, because it would maintain the inflationary process. On the other hand, the Minister of the Economy encourages companies to make temporary gestures: pay bonuses, in the manner of the “Macron bonus”, and above all better share the profits with their employees. Which means avoiding big salaries for the bosses, and giving more incentives and participation to the employees. Here we are: the French myth of participation and profit sharing is still alive.

What is the “employee dividend” promised by Emmanuel Macron?

These two tools are of chemically pure Gaullist inspiration: social measures – which in their time did not necessarily please the classical right – but measures marked on the right all the same. Sharing profits with employees means associating them with the development of the company, making them share the values ​​of management, whereas if we remain a follower of the theory of social classes, bosses and employees have no precisely not the same objectives. And it was these interests that de Gaulle tried to reconcile in his time. Emmanuel Macron and his troops can, in principle, only follow this

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