Infotech What you need to know before investing in “private equity”

What you need to know before investing in “private equity”

It will take some getting used to. In the coming months, your advisers will suggest that you invest directly or indirectly in this asset class: the private equity. What is this? This popular venture capital or private equity strategy consists of taking a stake in an unlisted company and then reselling it with potential capital gain. For an individual, intervene in the private equity is possible by investing directly in the capital of a company or through a specialized fund, the most common solution.

For twenty years, the funds of private equity have made investments on behalf of large fortunes or institutions that have turned out to be very profitable. The significant flow of liquidity, coupled with ever lower interest rates, has made it possible to multiply Leverage Buy-out (LBO – “leveraged buyout”) allowing the repurchase on credit of a company, then its resale in the medium or long term by having repaid, thanks to the results achieved by the target company, part of the debt contracted for in finance

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