Life Style When a religious leader committed 900 suicides to create a better society

When a religious leader committed 900 suicides to create a better society

New Delhi There have been some people in every religion in our society who have done wrong things to their followers to make the society better. One such case was seen 42 years ago, which had shocked everyone. In Jonestown, Guyana, South America, a large number of people committed mass suicide simultaneously, seeing that the soul of anyone can be shaken.

In fact, more than 900 people, who believe in the religious cult People’s Temple Group, committed mass suicide at the point of their religious leader. The People’s Temple was founded in the 1950s by a pastor named Jim Jones. He was always very much opposed to apartheid, due to which most African Americans were added to his religious creed.

Jim Jones had promised those who were rejected by the society that he would make them a better society, where there would be equal people, there would be no caste, caste, high-caste and apartheid in that society. Apart from African Americans, Jews, Whites and Mexicans were also associated with Jim Jones’ organization.

In the 1970s, Jim Jones was charged with numerous criminal cases, ranging from economic fraud to misconduct with the organization. After which he had to bring his organization to Guyana. In 1978, he incited the people of his organization to commit mass suicide by telling them to take revolutionary steps. At the same time, he forced more than 900 people to commit suicide through cyanide. After which he himself committed suicide.

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