Life Style When Parvati Maa placed both her hands in the eyes of the innocent, what happened to the world?

When Parvati Maa placed both her hands in the eyes of the innocent, what happened to the world?

Lord Shiva:  Every god has importance and each has its own glory. As difficult as it is to understand their glory, then it is equally easy to get absorbed in their devotion. The nature and nature of every god is also different. Some have been described as very rare and some very mild nature. The coming March 1 is the day of Lord Shiva, that is, Mahashivratri. Although Shivratri occurs on Chaturdashi of every month, but Mahashivratri in Falgun has a different significance. All of us must have read and heard many interesting stories related to Lord Shiva. Today we will tell you in detail about the third eye of Lord Shiva and will also make you aware of the story related to it.

The story of the third eye of Lord Shiva
Once Narad ji tells about the conversation between Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. The secret of the three eyes is hidden in this conversation. Were. Then Mother Parvati came to that meeting and for her entertainment, she put both her hands to God

Put on both the eyes of Shiva
As soon as Mata Parvati covered the eyes of Lord Shiva, the world became dark. It seemed as if the sun god did not have any importance. After this, there was panic among all the creatures present on the earth. Seeing this condition of the world, Lord Shiva got distraught and at the same time he manifested a light beam on his forehead, which appeared as the third eye of Lord Shiva. Later, on the request of Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva told him that if he was not like this. If they did, the world would have been destroyed, because their eyes are the saviors of the world.

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