Life Style When will Saturn change zodiac in 2022 and which zodiac will be disturbed by being ‘retrograde’, know horoscope

When will Saturn change zodiac in 2022 and which zodiac will be disturbed by being ‘retrograde’, know horoscope

Shani Dev , Zodiac Sign , Astrology : Shani Dev is considered an important planet in astrology. Shani is also described as the giver of karma and the god of justice. It is believed that Shani Dev is the magistrate of Kali Yuga. People who do wrong things and don’t follow the rules. It is believed that Shani Dev gives him severe punishment.

Saturn Transit 2022
According to astrology, it takes about two and a half years for Shani Dev to change his zodiac. In the year 2022, the planet Saturn is changing the zodiac twice in the same year. which is considered special. Under the normal process, Shani Dev will change the zodiac only once. At the same time, the amount will change for the second time. According to the Panchang, Saturn will change the zodiac on 29 April 2022. Then from June 5, 2022, they will start their retrograde motion. After this, from July 12, 2022, Shani Dev will re-enter Capricorn in the retrograde state. Where Rashi Dev will remain till January 17, 2023. How will the change in the zodiac of Shani Dev will be for these zodiac signs, we know the horoscope.

Gemini – Special care has to be taken in the matter of money. Saving money can be difficult. Along with this, some health-related problems may also have to be faced. During this, special care will have to be taken of both money and health. Try to keep Saturn happy. For this, worship Hanuman ji and Shani Dev on Tuesday and Saturday. The inauspiciousness of Saturn will be less.

Cancer – There may be obstacles in job and career. Your rivals in the office will try to obstruct your work, due to which a situation of mental stress can be created. To get a profitable position in business, you may have to struggle and work hard. The situation of taking and giving loans will have to be avoided. Do not allow tension to arise with your spouse. Otherwise it may increase the problems. Be careful while using the vehicle. Help the needy persons to avoid the inauspiciousness of Shani.

Scorpio – Mental stress may arise. Even after working hard, results can be obtained late. During this, seriousness and patience will have to be shown. A hasty decision can also cause harm. During this, there will also be a possibility of unnecessary travel. Health will have to be taken care of. Any chronic disease can emerge and trouble you. So this has to be taken care of from now on. Any kind of carelessness in the matter of health will not be good. Maintain sweetness in speech and humility in nature. Offer mustard oil to Shani temple on Saturday.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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