Life Style Whether it is black fungus or white fungus, why is it important to control sugar level? Learn

Whether it is black fungus or white fungus, why is it important to control sugar level? Learn

Nagpur: There have been 4 cases of ‘white fungus’ or candidiasis during the last two days in patients recovering from Kovid-19. However, these are only certified cases of infection at present, but the actual number may also be higher. Doctors say sugar control is the best way to stay away from black fungus or white fungus.

Sugar control required in black or white fungus infection

Endocrinologist doctor Himanshu Patil says, "People with diabetes have a slightly weaker immune system, which means that they are already at greater risk of getting corona virus. Since Kovid-19 has a bad effect on patients with diabetes, the risk increases even more. And then a drug steroid that can weaken the immune system."

Both black and white fungus infections are caused by fungi called mucoramitis, which are present in soil, plants and fertilizers. When the patient recovers from the corona breathes, these fungus go to the langs along with his sinal cavity. Although these fungi are responsible for the kind of problems patients are experiencing after Kovid, there is no concrete information available in this regard.

According to experts, white fungus infections do not show obvious symptoms like black fungus. The infection has a severe effect on langs and other parts of the body. Many patients show symptoms like Kovid-19 but their report is negative in corona examination. A CT scan reveals severe lung damage, but is not caused by Kovid-19, but rather a white fungus that can cause multiple organ damage.

Kovid patients suffering from diabetes are at greater risk & nbsp;

Jayant Kelvade, endocrinologist at Alexis Hospital, explains that people get these infections while recovering from Kovid-19 or during treatment with Kovid-19. The commonality is that all patients are of diabetes. They said, "You can protect yourself from this infection by controlling your sugar during a kovid infection, check sugar more often, wear a mask constantly and take care of hygiene.

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