Life Style Which is better white or brown rice

Which is better white or brown rice

Bbenefits of Eating Brown Rice: By the way, you must have heard in many places that eating brown rice instead of white rice is beneficial for your health. Eating it not only keeps weight control, but you get many more benefits by eating it. In such a situation, many questions will also come in your mind that what are brown rice and how are they made. Also, what is the difference between white rice and brown rice. Let us explain why brown rice is better than white rice and why you should consume it. Let’s know.

Difference between brown rice and white rice-

There is a big difference between brown rice and white rice. Brown rice straw is not removed. Due to which its nutrients remain the same as whole grains. Whereas white rice is processed by removing the husk. After this, it is also polished, due to which its nutrients are exhausted. You cannot keep brown rice for a long time. Apart from this, many people do not like its taste. The grain size of brown rice is also small.

Benefits of eating Brown Rice

1- By eating brown rice, our obesity is reduced and we remain fit.

2- Brown rice is also very beneficial in diabetes, people who eat brown rice daily also reduce the risk of diabetes disease.

3-Completes the deficiency of calcium and magnesium in bones.

4- Due to the fiber in brown rice, the stomach is also filled quickly.

5- Eating brown rice helps in preventing stress.

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