Entrepreneur Which stores are closing this Sunday, January 31, 2021?

Which stores are closing this Sunday, January 31, 2021?

No new containment for the moment, but Prime Minister Jean Castex announced new restrictions on Friday against the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. These measures concern businesses in particular. Update on what changes concretely from this weekend.

Nearly 400 shopping centers or stores will close

From Sunday, “non-food shopping centers, with an area greater than 20,000 m2, that is to say those which promote the most mixing of populations, will be closed ”, also announced the Prime Minister Friday evening.

“Nearly 400 shopping centers or stores are concerned,” announced the Ministry of the Economy in a statement following a meeting with representatives of the sector. “This closure will take place at the latest this Saturday evening at midnight”, specified the ministry.

Ikea-type stores are affected

Is large stores but belonging to a single brand, like the Ikea furniture chain, will be affected? The answer is yes: all “Non-food stores with more than 20,000 square meters of useful commercial surface” will be affected by the closure, according to Bercy.

Food stores in shopping centers remain open

In shopping centers stricto sensu, food stores can remain open, as well as pharmacies, but their surface area will still be taken into account to determine the fateful closing threshold: “The 20,000 square meters are calculated by adding all the surface areas of shops, food or not”, explains Bercy.

“Shopping areas, business parks and branded villages where public circulation between shops takes place outside are not affected and may remain open. On the other hand, buildings of more than 20,000 square meters cumulated connected by closed and covered aisles of these areas must close ”, further details the press release.

The gauges are reinforced in all large surfaces

The government has also confirmed that the maximum number of customers would be further lowered in shops, except for the smallest of them.

If they are more than 400 square meters, they will no longer be able to accommodate one customer for 10 square meters. Below, the threshold remains eight square meters. “A multiplication of checks will take place from this weekend”, warned the ministry.

Closed businesses will have several helpers, including access to the public solidarity fund set up to support companies in difficulty, possible recourse to partial unemployment fully paid for by the State, as well as the cancellation of employer contributions.

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