Infotech Why Sanofi is lagging behind on the Covid vaccine

Why Sanofi is lagging behind on the Covid vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur is a prestigious name known the world over. Sanofi is “The world leader in influenza vaccines, pediatric vaccines and the world’s leading supplier of injectable polio vaccines”, proclaims its website. The vaccines branch of the French pharmaceutical group, which employs nearly 15,000 people at 15 sites, provides 1 billion doses each year, protecting 500 million people against meningitis, hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies or tetanus …

We therefore thought we had an undisputed champion in the field, likely to get rid of the Covid-19. The only thing is: in the incredible scientific-industrial sprint to win this Grail, our French rider is far from making sparks. While the first two vaccines developed – those from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – were developed, tested and then manufactured in barely a year and have obtained the green light from the American and soon European health authorities, Sanofi announces a several months behind in its own program.

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Minitel syndrome

A bit like yesterday France Telecom, which, proud of its Minitel, had initially missed the Internet turn, the French pharmacy giant seems to have suffered from “champion syndrome”. The arrogance of “Not Invented Here”… Sanofi’s first instinct was in fact to start from its know-how.

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