Life Style Why Shani Dev does not harass the devotees of Hanuman ji? Know 2 big reasons

Why Shani Dev does not harass the devotees of Hanuman ji? Know 2 big reasons

Hanuman Ji And Shani Dev: Saturday is considered the best day for worshiping Shani Dev and Hanuman. Shani Dev is called the giver of karma fruit. The person on whom the curved vision of Shani Dev falls, he has to suffer a lot. But there is also a truth that Shani Dev does not move in front of Hanuman ji. It is said that whoever is a devotee of Hanuman ji, Shani Dev can not even his hair. Let us know why Shani Dev does not trouble the devotees of Hanuman ji.

1. Liberation from prison was given

According to the legend, when Hanumanji reached Lanka in search of Mother Sita, Shanidev also appeared in a prison there. When Bajrangbali learned from Shani the reason for his hanging upside down in the prison, it came to know that Ravana had imprisoned many other planets along with him with his yogic power. Then Hanuman ji freed Shani Maharaj from the captivity of Ravana. Being happy on this, Shani Dev asked Hanuman ji to ask for a boon. Then Hanuman ji asked him for a promise that he would never give trouble to those who worship me. That is why it is said that Hanumanji should be worshiped for the prevention of Shani or Sade Sati.

2. Shani Dev had broken the worship of Hanuman ji

  • Once Pawansut was engrossed in Ramjapa. Then Shani Dev passed from there. Shani Dev, immersed in ego, tried to obstruct the chanting of Hanuman ji. Shani Dev made many efforts to distract him. Even tried to scare them by showing pride of their power. But Hanuman ji did not budge.
  • The anger of Shani Dev reached the seventh sky. In the end, Shani Dev challenged him. Hanumanji told Shani Dev that I am currently meditating on my beloved Shri Ram, please do not disturb my peace. Shani Dev grabbed Hanuman ji’s arm. Bajrangbali wrapped Shani Dev in his tail in anger.
  • Even in this, Shani Dev kept challenging him and said that even your Shri Ram can not spoil anything for me. After this, in anger, Hanuman ji wrapped him in his tail and started tossing him on the stone. Shani Dev’s condition became miserable.
  • In the end Shani Dev apologized. Then Hanuman ji said that in future, do not do such arrogance nor harass my devotees. Since then Shani does not disturb the worshipers of Hanuman ji.

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