Infotech Why the app battle challenges Apple and Google’s monopolies

Why the app battle challenges Apple and Google’s monopolies

Everything got worse from mid-August. Epic Games, the publisher of the ultra-popular “Fortnite” game, announces that any purchase of objects (virtual, of course, but at very real prices) will now go through its own payment system, and no longer through those provided by Apple for them. iOS and Google apps on Android ones. The idea is above all to get rid of the 30% commissions levied by the two giants on each transaction – and no matter if Epic violates the terms and conditions. The reaction is immediate: “Fortnite” disappears from the App Store and Google Play Store (it is still possible to bypass the deletion on Android). Arousing Epic’s ire:

All players should be able to choose their preferred payment provider and save up to 20%!

And the editor to file a complaint in the United States for anti-competitive and monopolistic practice against Apple and Google. “The number of players on iOS [jusqu’à 116 millions, NDLR] has fallen by 60% since the withdrawal of Fortnite from the App Store “, laments Epic Games in a complaint, before saying no regrets in the name of “A long way to free consumers and developers from Apple’s monopoly hold on iOS app distribution and payments.” The names of birds fly. And a big trial is set to take place – but not until July 2021.

Satirical image of the game “Fornite” against Apple. (Epic Games)

In the meantime, the mobilization becomes a cr

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