Infotech Why the “Carbon Yuka” makes cattle breeders nervous… and organic farming

Why the “Carbon Yuka” makes cattle breeders nervous… and organic farming

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For animal lovers, French beef farming has at least one virtue: unlike what happens in pig or chicken farms, it leaves more than 90% of cows with access to pasture. As for organic farming, it offers farm animals living conditions that are a little less trying than traditional ones – in particular a longer lifespan (as we showed here). Moreover, as everyone knows, it does not use pesticides, which are harmful to ecosystems and human health.

But paradoxically, all these positive points could soon turn against the beef and organic sector! Because the government intends to put in place by the end of the year an “Eco-Score”, that is to say a labeling which will undoubtedly resemble the Nutri-Score – the “A, B, C, D , E ”with colors that we already find part of French industrial foods.

Eco-Score or the puzzle of environmental labeling

Except that this will not indicate the nutritional richness of cookies, yogurts and other prepared meals, but their “weight” in greenhouse gases. To put it simply, in the eyes of this “Carbon Yuka” (from the name of the application which allows to assess the impact of food and cosmetics products).

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