Infotech Why the success of medical teleconsultation promises to be sustainable

Why the success of medical teleconsultation promises to be sustainable

The teleconsultation, which this week celebrates the third anniversary of its reimbursement by health insurance (effective September 15, 2018), has exploded with successive confinements. “In France, 6 to 7% of medical consultations are now carried out by teleconsultation, against less than 1% before the Covid crisis”, details Nathaniel Bern, co-founder with two doctors, Charles and Elie Dan Mimouni, of the French start-up Medadom, one of the players in this very competitive market.

The coronavirus boosts telemedicine in France and around the world

New to the subject, I myself have tried it. In a few minutes, I am registered on Medadom. After having carried out the technical tests (quality of the connection, operation of the camera and the microphone) to ensure that I can easily interact by video with the doctor, the site asks me to enter my Vitale card number, then to deliver brief medical information (allergies, operations, treatments, pregnancy) … And presto, I launch my appointment request with one click.

Seven minutes later, a text message informs me that a doctor is online. “Our partnerships with health centers allow us to propose a doctor registered with the Council of the Order in less than 10 minutes, 7 days a week. We have more than 150 practitioners on the platform”, explains Nathaniel Bern. Doctor A., ​​a seasoned general practitioner from the MedikSanté center, appears instantly on my computer screen, and me

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