Entrepreneur Wiclub Santé, a new funding vehicle for healthcare start-ups

Wiclub Santé, a new funding vehicle for healthcare start-ups

Facilitate the initiation of projects in biotech, medtechs and e-health in the Grand Est region. This is the objective of the Health Wiclub, launched in early March and imagined by the Semia incubator and the Wiseed crowdfunding platform. The principle: investors in the platform subscribe at least 5,000 euros to the Wiclub Santé financial vehicle. Once the funds are collected, they are distributed among several start-ups supported by Semia, the health incubator based in Strasbourg. A single subscription that allows the needs of several structures to be met in an agile manner.

The fundraising target is set at 2 million euros. Stéphane Chauffriat, director of Semia, hopes it will be completed in mid-April. The distribution of funds among the start-ups will be decided by a vote of all the subscribers, each having votes in proportion to their investment. About what “Smooth out the risk”, he explains. “The goal is to make the trajectory as safe as possible which leads us to the next move. “ Because, he explains, the seed funding for technology-intensive projects remains complicated today, particularly in the field of health. “We do not have a density of investors making it possible to go quickly enough on these phases”, estimates Stéphane Chauffriat.

Semia, leader of the Grand Est incubator network

To secure the investment, start-ups are selected beforehand according to their degree of maturity. Four have been so far and 8 to 10 will eventually be. The goal is that the injection of funding will allow them to commit their Series A within eighteen months. Thanks to the Wiclub Santé vehicle, the joint ventures of private investors and the non-dilutive systems of bpifrance and the Grand Est region, an amount of 0.8 to 1.5 million euros is expected for each company. Other vehicles may be created subsequently to finance new start-ups in the sector. Investments are eligible for income tax reduction and contribution-transfer tax exemption mechanisms.

In the Grand Est region, Semia is today the most active incubator and the leader of the regional network of incubators. To make itself better known, this network changes its identity and takes the name of Quest for change. It brings together the Innovact incubators in Reims, Quai Alpha in Epinal, Rimbaud’Tech in Charleville-Mézières, The Pool in Metz and, therefore, Semai in Strasbourg and Mulhouse. The network supported 220 projects and helped raise funds for its start-ups to the tune of 20 million euros last year.

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