Infotech Will artificial intelligence train workers soon?

Will artificial intelligence train workers soon?

Welcome to 2049

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If, on public transport, your neighbor stammers frantically in Spanish, staring at his smartphone, don’t worry – he’s just trying to learn a new language. And if you’re wondering how the hell your bank advisor got you to sign a new insurance contract again, don’t be surprised: she was guided by software. No need to wait until 2049 to acquire academic skills – such as mastering a foreign language – or business skills – such as the sale of complex financial products … The world of training is changing at a rapid pace, thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI).

At Crédit Mutuel, 28,000 advisers are thus assisted by Watson, the AI ​​developed by IBM. It is a real Swiss Army knife, capable of both preparing responses to e-mails and optimizing the act of sale. And it is no coincidence that banks are among the first to make massive use of AI: they have large volumes of data, constantly fed by the banking movements of customers. This data feeds algorithms that learn how to improve business strategy, as Sylvain Duranton, global director of the consulting firm BCG Gamma, explains:

“The AI ​​gives advice to the seller, so it is a fo

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