Infotech Will businesses be able to reopen before “Black Friday”?

Will businesses be able to reopen before “Black Friday”?

Traders, deemed non-essential and closed since the reconfinement, will still have to wait. “We still have two weeks where we have to grit our teeth […] To be able to reopen and allow everyone to find their way around, we must now close, limit social interactions, it is working ”, said in particular this Monday, November 16, on Franceinfo, the Minister Delegate in charge of Industry Agnès Pannier-Runacher, who sticks to the date set by Jean Castex, that of 1er December, before any reduction in containment. “We are still at the consultation stage, so I am not going to open up and make false promises”, she added.

Small businesses are adapting: “Amazon, here we are! “

he “Would be ideal to be able to allow a few reopenings of traders at 1er December “, But “We are not there yet and we will do everything to slow the circulation of the virus”, she also said.

Before adding: “The more we respect confinement now, the easier it will be to define flexibility afterwards. “ As for the health protocols likely to be put in place, Agnès Pannier-Runacher said: “If we manage to define health protocols that allow us, either by appointment or in an organized manner with a larger gauge, to reopen the 1er December would be great news. “

Black Friday, “one more injustice”

But traders hope, even demand, a reopening before the 1er December, from Friday November 27, the day of “Black Friday”, as also relayed this Monday morning, on BFMTV this time, the president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse.

Evoking the situation of “Small shops”, she asked the government “Not to add a new injustice to that of their closure” : “I ask the government […] to open on November 27, […] it’s the Black friday, a worldwide promotional operation, on the internet in particular, which allows us to have goods at knockdown prices, so if we do not reopen our small businesses on Friday, November 27, there will be competition from online businesses that will will be one more injustice for these small businesses. “

“If we are closed, we are killed”: the rant of a shopkeeper “not essential”

The president of the Ile-de-France region is also asking for more flexibility on the opening conditions. “We must no longer nitpick: if these traders want to work until 10 p.m., curfew time in Paris, if they want to work on Sundays, we must let them do it, we must stop this bureaucratic state which wants to control everything . “ Valérie Pécresse however recalled that in this case the protocol put in place would have to be “Reinforced”, that there is “Than one person in the store depending on the size of the store “. She also pleaded for “Territorialized exemptions” : “It’s not the same thing to have a business in a village where there will be very few people but which is so essential and to manage a huge shopping street. “

Avoid the Christmas shopping rush

Also questioned on Franceinfo this Monday morning, the president of Leclerc hypermarkets Michel-Edouard Leclerc called on the government to reopen ” as soon as possible ” all shops “Who have room” in order to avoid an inordinate flow of consumers during Christmas shopping.

“What is important is what all the members of the scientific council have said is to avoid density, did he declare, we would like booksellers who have space, toy stores also which have space, which have the competence, whether they are small or large, to be able to open from the last week of November, before the 1er December, to relieve a little the arrival of this flow of consumers. “

“We must stop ruling through fear”

The “Small traders” are not “Neither considered nor heard despite their efforts to adapt”, also denounces the former minister Rachida Dati (LR), in unison with the right which is pushing for their reopening on 1er December. “In Germany, traders can open according to the size of their establishments. These are objective criteria. In France, we debate fuzzy notions to try to separate what is essential from what is not ”, lamented in “the Journal du Dimanche” the mayor of 7e district of Paris. Before adding: “We need clear rules, stop governing by fear and stop opposing each other, like small businesses to supermarkets. “

Covid-19: “The only front where the Elysee does not fail is that of the erosion of our freedoms”

The president of the LR group in the Senate Bruno Retailleau also considered in “the Parisian” that the government “Should say and clearly assume that they will be able to reopen the 1er December “ because “No serious epidemiological study shows that the opening of small shops is more risky than that of supermarkets”. “We must reopen on the basis of a reinforced protocol, for example according to the number of square meters, and we must give the hand to the prefect to territorialize the measures”, also considers the elected representative of Vendée, stressing that “Many traders and independents are on the verge of breaking down”.

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