Life Style Winters are over, summer begins: know how to take care of your health in the changing seasons so that you do not get sick

Winters are over, summer begins: know how to take care of your health in the changing seasons so that you do not get sick

As soon as winter is over, the heat has started knocking. Instead of worrying about it, preparations should be started to deal with it. Some caution and attention to small things are the protective shield of disease. The summer season demands special care of the body in terms of nutritional value and mineral. Despite this, hydration in the body should also be taken care of significantly.

Generally, our body consumes less calories in summer than in any other season. Therefore, the body does not need more calories but needs more water. A balanced nutritional diet fulfills the body’s need in summer. In summer, your digestive power slows down compared to winter.

Our body sweats due to hot weather and high temperature in summer. With this, our energy level starts going down from morning to evening. The body needs to restore the energy level throughout the day in summer. Dehydration can be a major heat problem. Sometimes the human body engulfs the body. Some precautions will be taken to avoid the possibility of falling ill during the summer season.

Hydration- We lose too much water due to sweat, which needs to be replenished. Electrolytes also cause a lot of loss due to heat. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water to complete the loss. You can check to see the color of your urine by drinking enough water. If the urine color is dark, then you are suffering from dehydration and you are not drinking enough water. Drinking alcohol and cola should be avoided as it causes water loss. Instead, do coconut water, lemonade, buttermilk, quench thirst and get electrolytes. Whenever you go outside, keep a bottle of water with you.

Diet- A light diet is ideal in summer. Eating heavy, spicy and fried foods should be avoided. Salad, soup, juice are light and healthy food.

Skin care Protect your skin with harsh ultraviolet rays of swollen. Loose and cotton clothes are a good choice for summer. Use light or white color in clothes. Black and dark colors absorb heat, so they should be avoided.

Hair care Cover the hair with an umbrella or cap while exiting because ultraviolet rays also damage your hair. Covering the head will also protect you from sunstroke. Wash hair to get rid of sweating and cleanse.

personal hygiene- To cool the body and get rid of the dirt, take a bath twice a day. Using neem water for bathing will keep you away from infection.

Foot care Wear open sandals as opposed to closed shoes. This will allow the sweat to dry out and will help protect against fungal infections. Wash the feet and submerge them in water, because in this way you will get the effect of relief.

Chocolate Side Effects: Chocolate can also harm health, can increase your blood pressure

Health Tips: Never eat these things, including milk and curd, after eating apples, the body may be harmed

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