Infotech Workers at Paris airports vote to end the strike, just before the start of the summer holidays

Workers at Paris airports vote to end the strike, just before the start of the summer holidays

Just in time for the start of summer vacation. While air traffic had been severely disrupted for a week, especially last weekend, Paris airport employees voted to end the strike this Friday, July 8.

Meeting in a general meeting at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle a few hours before the start of the summer holidays, these employees ratified an agreement providing for a general increase of 3% for all employees of Groupe ADP, manager of airport facilities.

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5 questions about the strike movement in Paris airports

To this 3% increase is added a revaluation of the salary grids and an upgrade of the remuneration of some 1,800 employees whose salaries are lower than the reference level of 2019, according to the details communicated by the CGT.

Salary cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic

In 2021, ADP employees had agreed to reduce their salaries to allow the company to get through the Covid-19 crisis which divided by three the number of customers at Paris airports in 2020. The group also carried out a plan of voluntary departures and had undertaken to ensure that salaries returned to their pre-crisis level as soon as the effects of the latter on traffic had dissipated.

However, some routes have already exceeded their 2019 activity levels, in particular overseas connections or those, seasonal, to southern Europe. And Groupe ADP expects to make a profit this year, after losing more than 1.4 billion euros cumulatively between 2020 and 2021.

All slopes open this weekend at Roissy

The strike notice at ADP, which had been initially filed until Sunday evening, will be formally lifted on Friday at 6 p.m., said CGT union representative Daniel Bertone at the general meeting.

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But the end of the conflict should make it possible to avoid disruptions in the airports of the Paris region, which expect tens of thousands of travelers on this first weekend of major summer departures.

The prospect of flight cancellations had already receded on Thursday with the signing of an agreement between Groupe ADP and the company’s firefighters who were also demanding an upgrade. The movement of firefighters, which began on June 30, resulted last week in the preventive abolition of hundreds of flights departing from or arriving at Roissy, France’s leading airport.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) had imposed these preventive cancellations in the name of safety: the reduction in the number of available firefighters had made it necessary to close part of the runways.

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