Life Style World sleep awareness month: sleep is important for healthy life, know why it is important to sleep early at night

World sleep awareness month: sleep is important for healthy life, know why it is important to sleep early at night

World sleep awareness month: Do you know that we spend one third of our life in sleep? This makes part of our daily routine very important. But lifestyle factors such as erratic timing of work, lack of physical activity, caffeine intake and lack of sunlight can spoil good sleep and lead to many health problems.

Sleep disturbance has a bad effect on health
Lack of sleep also affects mental health and its symptoms include irritability, poor judgment, depression, lack of memory. In this way, this occasion shows us the importance of revisiting our sleep schedule. Without healthy sleep, we cannot achieve much health benefits. Research has shown that sleep improves the ability to learn and solve problems.

We know that one should sleep at least eight hours daily, but most people fail to do so. Waking up late is also a factor behind contributing to health problems. Those who wake up late in the morning are at risk of diseases. It is clear that more people are concerned about their health and understand the relationship between health and sleep. On Sleep Awareness Month, we should know why it is important to sleep early to ward off diseases.

Sleeping less should increase the choice of non-healthy food

A research published in the journal Obesity revealed that people who do not get enough sleep are at higher risk of gaining weight or obesity. According to research, the internal clock of the body likes non-healthy foods like namkeen, sweet after 8 pm in the evening. In simple words, the less you sleep, the more non-healthy food you will eat.

According to the Sleep Research Society, people who wake up to 4 in the morning eat 550 calories more. Research results show that people who fail to get enough sleep start getting pessimistic thoughts. There is no doubt that a well rested mind helps you to combat the situation in a better way.

Apart from eating healthy food and regular exercise, adequate sleep is also necessary to avoid chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes and stroke. When you take a nap, your body is repaired automatically which helps in reducing the risk of these diseases.

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