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Yemeni Press Day.. Seven years of Houthi oppression

With the sunrise of tomorrow, the tenth of June, the fellow journalists kidnapped by the Houthi militia enter their eighth year and they are kidnapped by that fascist group terrorist backed by Iran, which marks the day they were kidnapped while working in the capital, Sanaa, seven years ago.

It is the same day that was designated as a day for the Yemeni press, the occasion was the merger and unity of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate in the year 1990, After achieving Yemeni unity.

Toward 2557 One day, the kidnapped journalist colleagues spent in the prisons of the Houthi militia, they have been subjected, and still are, to all Species Physical and psychological torture, without any accusation other than that they are journalists, and that is a charge in the dictionaries of the Iranian-funded militias.

13 journalists are among the kidnapped journalists, 12 A journalist kidnapped by the Houthi militia, and one for the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

All groups take a hostile stance from the press and stalk them to get rid of them by any means, even if that costs the journalist’s entire family, as happened with journalist Muhammad al-Atmi, his wife and his unborn child last November in the temporary capital, Aden.

It is not only the kidnapping of journalists, according to the Houthi militia, but also targeting, killing, sniping and bombing, as happened to journalists and photographers in Taiz, Marib and Aden.

On the ninth of last November, journalist Rasha Al-Harazi and her fetus were killed by an explosive device that exploded in their car while she was on her way to the hospital with her husband to give birth in a hospital in the city of Aden. Al-Otami sustained various injuries.

According to the statistics of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, 49 journalists have given their lives for the truth, since the beginning of the Houthi militia war on September 21, 2014.

Last March, my colleague al-Atami accused the Houthi militia of targeting him and killing his wife and child. 49.

The Houthi militia leads local and international human rights reports by targeting journalists and workers in media institutions out of need in the capital, Sanaa, and controlling state institutions.

Some organizations classify the Houthi militia after ISIS and Al-Qaeda in targeting and killing journalists.

democracy and advocating the rights and freedoms of citizens and enabling them to obtain information, and praising the sacrifices and efforts of Yemeni journalists made in this regard.

In a statement, the organization national For the media Yemenis “Echo” on the occasion of Yemeni Press Day, the ninth of June, said that the occasion comes to the media in light of the tragic situation witnessed by the press in Yemen, created by a series of violations and crimes against journalists and institutions Informative and their institutions.

The statement referred to the types of such crimes as killing, prevention, confiscation and arbitrary arrest and targeting institutions and closing the space for freedom of opinion and expression.

. added We remember on this occasion tens of colleagues who were killed in connection with their journalistic work, as well as 13 journalists who were kidnapped and forcibly disappeared, four of whom are still in custody. arrest The arbitrary detention in the prisons of the Houthi group for seven years, they are (Abdul-Khaleq Omran – Akram Al-Walidy – Tawfiq Al-Mansoori – Harith Hamid) under harsh and dangerous detention conditions against their lives, as well as hundreds of incidents violations that affected others.

The statement called for an investigation into the murders committed against journalists and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice, the release of the four journalists kidnapped in the prisons of the Houthi group unconditionally, and all journalists in all prisons and detention centers, and the guarantee of media rights and freedoms.

The statement touched on journalists who lost their jobs and sources of income, especially in areas controlled by the Houthi militia, calling for the release of salaries for journalists working in the official media, and the intensification of media and human rights advocacy efforts in favor of journalists’ issues and press freedoms in Yemen.

The families and families of the kidnapped journalists hope for the return of their sons, as their absence has been long and the land has narrowed, especially with the intransigence of the militias and their transfer of the file of journalists to political barter in another violation committed by the militias with the blessing of the United Nations through its envoys to Yemen.

Three of the kidnapped journalists lost their parents, during the period of their kidnapping in the prisons of the Houthi militia. Their parents dreamed that they would not die and live only after they saw their children returned to their homes.

The father of the kidnapped, Harith Hamid, passed away nearly three years ago, and the militias refused to allow his son to take a farewell look at him, in June 2020, The father of the journalist, Tawfiq Al-Mansouri, died.

During the years of kidnapping, the militias did not allow any of the deceased fathers to visit even one to look at their sons, they practiced all the ugliness and humanity against the kidnapped journalists and also repelled their families.


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