Top Stories Yemeni: The October Revolution is a school of struggle and the rejection of injustice in all its forms

Yemeni: The October Revolution is a school of struggle and the rejection of injustice in all its forms

Yemeni women are considered a pioneering and inspiring model for other women in the Arab world. Eternal October, and the feeling of belonging and patriotism evoked by such occasions

Al Nidal School

Activist Shaima Al-Eidy from Hajjah governorate says on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution: “I congratulate every free, jealous Yemeni for his homeland on the occasion of the Yemeni revolution, September and October, and we have mercy on those martyrs who fell in that immortal struggle against the British colonialist and his cohorts, In particular, I salute the Yemeni woman who had the greatest impact in supporting men through the long march of struggle against tyranny before, during and after the October Revolution.

She added, “We have the 57th anniversary of the eternal October 14 Revolution, and the Yemeni people are still fighting battles to defend their existence and freedom … Our ancestors and our fathers fought against the British colonialist with all solidity and strength despite their simple capabilities that gave the colonizer painful blows at the time, declaring to the world that the Yemeni person is important.” Patience with injustice and starvation, patience has limits. “

Najwa Salam Mansour from Aden governorate talked about the role of women in the October 14 revolution, saying: “It is known that Yemeni women represented an integrated school of struggle and patriotism and actively participated in making an immortal revolution like October 14,” adding: “She is the one who fought and contributed. In waging various forms of liberation struggle since the first moments of the October 14 Revolution, and opposing the British occupation, through political awareness campaigns in social circles, charities and various work facilities, and rejecting the policy of hate and division, spreading ignorance and backwardness, and spreading the spirit of hostility and hatred that the occupation forces were spreading among the people “.

For her part, activist Raja Al-Nashiri from Al-Bayda affirmed to Al-Sahwa Net that the October 14 Revolution culminated in independence from the most powerful force in the world that occupied our country for a period of one hundred and twenty-nine years, deprived the people of all the necessities of life, and insulted women as it insulted Yemen, and therefore the revolution came as a response A joint verb between a man and a woman. ”

And she continued: “Nevertheless, today we are still living under the Houthi occupation, whose sins exceeded the British occupation, and the humiliation of women was exaggerated more than colonialism did, and God willing, we will restore the state because our cause is just and the world has become aware that there is no solution without ending the Houthi coup and restoring the kidnapped state.”

Immortal women

While “Areej Al-Akhali” from Taiz governorate indicates that women participated strongly in the October Revolution, and history has perpetuated the names of martyrs who fell in the revolution, including: the martyr Khadija al-Hushabiyya, the martyr Aisha Karameh, and the woman won her share of injustice and arrest at the hands of the colonialists, such as the fighter Najwa Mekkawi and the fighter Fawzia Muhammad Jaafar, and everyone fought a bitter struggle for life, with dignity, pride and pride.

She continued: “Today we are moving in this way, history is repeated, and here Yemeni women are once again subjected to the most heinous process of exploitation and humiliation by the militia of the Iranian priesthood, and men are not better off than women, and what is happening today in terms of conflict between our legitimate right and their false nullity is nothing but a mere A time and falsehood will be shattered and, God willing, the flag of Yemen will be raised in a whisper soon. “


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