Top Stories Yemenis: The memory of the “evacuation” is great, and we are waiting for a new independence from the Iranian Houthi militia

Yemenis: The memory of the “evacuation” is great, and we are waiting for a new independence from the Iranian Houthi militia

Yemenis commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the evacuation of the last British soldier from the south of the homeland, amid exceptional and extremely difficult circumstances created by the Houthi militia’s coup against the legitimate authority. Despite this, the Yemenis are celebrating the anniversary and they all hope for the coming of the last Houthi evacuation from Yemeni lands.

Dream of restoring the state

On this subject, Salih Nasser from Ibb governorate says, “To the Awakening Net:“ We certainly look forward to the day when we gain our second independence from the criminal Houthi militia, and this is the goal that we have pursued over the past years since 2014 specifically when the spark of popular resistance to the Persian occupation was sparked through its tools. The Houthis constitute the nucleus of the national army, the liberation and independence army, and the restoration of the Yemeni state with full sovereignty over Yemen’s soil in the north, south, east and west.

“Today we are our only hope – after God – in the national army and the internationally recognized government, and we cannot accept any other entities that claim to represent the Yemeni people, which in fact harbor evil for Yemen, its unity, and the Yemenis in general,” he continues.

In turn, Ahmed Hussein from Al-Bayda Governorate affirms: “With the advent of the 54th anniversary of the glorious Independence Day, November 30, the day of the evacuation of the British occupier from the south of the homeland, that memory is renewed so that every conqueror learns that the Yemeni people, north and south, do not accept the occupation. The spirit of resistance is in it, and all the former invaders have been expelled, and no invader will be at ease no matter who stays on our land. By commemorating this beautiful memory, we are looking forward to restoring the republic with full sovereignty, and adding another evacuation day to the series of our national holidays. “

Freedom and independence

As for Abdul-Rahman from Al-Dhali ‘, he speaks to the Awakening Net: “This is a precious and dear occasion for every free and unitary Yemeni who refuses to divide and divide and rejects the militia’s control over the state and also refuses to impose a life of terror and oppression on the people, and the occupier must know that to keep him in our land and there is no place for his projects Sectarianism and sabotage in Yemen, and we ask God that this holiday be an introduction and a good opening for our people who yearn for freedom and independence.

Rajeh Abdullah, from Sanaa governorate, points out: “The occasion is back and the Yemeni people are suffering the worst kinds of oppression by the Houthi revolutionaries who have afflicted the Yemeni people, plundered their wealth and capabilities, destroyed the infrastructure, killed the economy and forbade salaries, despite the fact that the land of Yemen is full of many good things that God loved this people. Unfortunately, we do not know where that wealth is going.

He added with indignation, “It is with great regret that the wealth of the people goes into the hands of certain people who are leaders of the Houthi group. As for the poor and defeated people, they do not find anything to eat or to live with. Yemenis yearn for salvation from this hateful militia.”

In the same context, citizen Fawaz Omar from Taiz Governorate said: “In my opinion, the Houthi occupation is far worse and more terrible than the British occupation, as the Houthi militia seeks to completely obliterate the Yemeni identity by all means, as we see today with our own eyes, where you see the devastation and destruction caused by their coup. The fateful one, and here we are, unfortunately, we have not seen anything but devastation and destruction from these people, and this proves that they came to occupy and destroy Yemen.


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